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UP Aerospace is the world's premier supplier of low-cost space access.  Never before has it been so affordable to launch significant-size payloads and sophisticated experiments into space.  Complete payload recovery and a wide range of tracking, telemetry, and avionics options, make UP Aerospace the perfect solution for both business and educational opportunities.

• 110-pound payload capacity.  • 10,500-cubic-inches payload volume.  • Payloads up to 10 inches in diameter and 7 feet long.
• Opportunities for in-space payload deployment.  • Space-flight profiles up to 140 miles / 225 km with a wide range of micro-gravity options.

All launch packages include:  Professional payload and launch support, Government and Spaceport approvals, and conscientious technical advice and assistance throughout the entire project. For affordable space access -- right now -- turn to the company with real aerospace experience:  UP Aerospace.  Unlimited Possibilities for business and education.

Space access has never been easier or more affordable...

UP Aerospace reduces cost-to-space by up 95%.  Plus, our rapid payload-integration process and frequent launch schedule can take you from concept to launch in as little as two months.